Cyber Security Contracting

At Dark Angel Contracting (DAC) we value integrity, transparency, and high-quality performance in all aspects of the work that we do. Our vast network of exceptional subject matter experts consists of former members of the Department of Defense, Local and Federal Law Enforcement, the Intelligence Community, and Private Sector Business Professionals

What We Do

Dark Angel Contracting delivers highly effective expert protection services in the world of Cyber Security, to prevent and maintain security and safety. Our accelerated adoption of cyber security technologies and practices allow us to safeguard communications, reduce digital signatures, and reinforce digital infrastructure. The all-encompassing cyber security program we offer is at the personal and personnel level with basic, intermediate, and advanced degrees of training.

Our Mission Is Your Safety and Peace of Mind

The demand for high-level cyber security services is growing exponentially. DAC aims to assist those in need of protection from all threat vectors by utilizing former military Special Operations Members and Cyber Professionals to prevent, detect, and maintain security for our clients. Customized tiers of services are available to suit the varied needs and desires of our Government, Military, Corporate and Private-Personal clientele.

Cyber Security Training

Dark Angel Contracting provides a comprehensive Cyber Threat DefenseTraining Program designed for corporations, the Department of Defense (DoD), federal and local governments, and high net worth individuals. We empower organizations, officers, executives, and staff with the tools necessary to mitigate their digital footprint, enhance their cybersecurity posture, and protect sensitive information. Our team of cybersecurity professionals combine practical experience with engaging training methodologies to ensure that participants not only grasp the concepts, but also acquire practical skills that can be immediately applied in their roles.

The percent of organizations that experienced more than one data breach during 2022

The total increase in the number of ransomware attacks from 2021-2022

The technological reality we live in today is one in which everyone is a potential target. Threat actors are using various attack vectors to capture and exploit individuals en masse. From DoD, personnel, government entities, corporate innovators, and small businesses to stay at home mothers, fathers, children, and the elderly cybercriminals do not discriminate.

Information is currency and cybercriminals are capitalizing. Security vulnerabilities have increased by 589% this year alone! Data is an asset, and one of the most vulnerable types. On average, a data breach costs around $9.44 million. It is estimated that by the end of 2023, the total damages caused by cybercrimes will reach $8trillion with a projection of a 15% annual increase in cost.


  • Cybersecurity statistics indicate there are 2,200 cyber attacks per day.
  • In the US, a data breach costs an average of $9.44M
  • Total damages caused by cybercrimes in 2022 reached $6 trillion.
  • Over 33 billion accounts are estimated to get breached in 2023 costing over $8 trillion